There are plenty of cheap alternatives all over the internet, however, our quality is second to none. Our clothing is strong, durable and with 20+ years of experience in serving the market of all kinds of Martial Arts, both in the UK and Worldwide, we’ve perfected our uniforms, ensuring that you can be ensured it will be made according to international size standards, give greatly enhanced freedom of movement and be designed to last the course of time. These excellent quality DXN foot protectors are made from durable rex leather and come with moulded foam padding, allowing a durable yet comfortable fit. Coming with this, elasticated wraps with a Velcro closure are added to come around the ankles and the top of the wearer’s feet to provide support and coverage from their kicks. A popular choice for clubs and gyms. These foot protectors are very good universally for Martial Arts, but have been specifically designed to match the safety measures required in the Thai Boxing and Kickboxing which is why it is a favourite item for the two disciplines.

? Designed for full contact and kickboxing

? Made from rex leather

? A popular choice of clubs and gyms

? Moulded foam padding offers ultimate protection

? Elasticated strap with Velcro closure.

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